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Typical Goldsmith Pest Control Problems

Cockroaches are a common pest in Goldsmith. These unwelcome insects thrive in warm, moist environments. Unfortunately, Goldsmith, like most of Texas, falls into this category – although warm is a modest word for summer temperatures in the tiny oil town. Just like most people, cockroaches want to find a way inside for shelter and water amidst the blazing sun. Since cockroaches are omnivorous, they can eat just about anything. However, when they get inside, their food options expand exponentially. Sweets, starches, and meats attract them in hoards, so any food crumbs lying around could be a serious problem. Cockroaches can also carry disease, so it’s best if they stay outside. To keep cockroaches out in the heat and not inside your home, make sure to clean up water leaks, take out the trash, and keep the kitchen clear of crumbs. Sometimes, even in spite of these efforts, the little creatures will find their way in. If you notice cockroaches in your home, call Fox Pest Control to schedule a professional cockroach extermination treatment. 

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Our Connection to Goldsmith

Mickey Magar, Branch Manager of the Fox Pest Control-Midland Branch, has lived in the Permian Basin area for nearly his whole life. As a long-time resident, he’s been pretty much anywhere there is to go in the area. Goldsmith is a small oilfield town that got its first post office back in 1936. It grew to the largest it’s ever been in the 1980 oil market boom. Mickey’s proud to provide business in Goldsmith, because the town and its residents are often overshadowed by the bigger cities like Midland and Odessa. Goldsmith is a very important town in Texas’s overall economy, and its residents need pest control just as much as anyone else. 

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