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Mouse Control for your Midland area Home

A mouse infestation is a sure sign of the need for immediate change. A house mouse may contaminate food, damage your home in the Midland area, and carry disease. Now is the time to make your Midland home rodent-proof by sealing your home and food. Implement other effective control methods to get rid of house mice and other rodents.

Mice Problems: Recognize the Signs

Mice Evidence

Mice are most active at just before dawn and right after dusk. You aren't likely to catch one sniffing around, though. Look for these telltale signs to diagnose an infestation.

  • Tracks Sometimes, mice leave paw prints in food, dust, or dirt.
  • Scat Mouse feces can cause allergic reactions, so clean them up right away. They look like black grains of rice in your cupboards, closets, or pantries.
  • Scraps Mice use bits of shredded paper, feathers, pillow or cushion stuffing, or other soft materials to build nests.
  • Food Damage As omnivorous mammals, mice devour anything. They visit a food source 20-30 times per night in prime conditions.
  • Home Damage When desperate for egress or food, mice may chew through plastic, wall material, or even harder things. You may see scratches or holes in drawers, cupboards, or pantries.
  • Noises Mice disregard the clatter they make at night. You may hear scratching, squeaking, or scurrying.

Rats and Mice: Comparison

  • Rats have a thicker tail and larger head in proportion to body size. Roof rats prefer attics and higher places and are excellent climbers. Norway rat morphology is rounder than roof rats, with a blunt muzzle, lighter fur, and shorter tail. Roof rats also exhibit extreme climbing agility that outmatches Norway rats.
  • Mice have rounded ears and thin tails.
  • Feces differ between species. Rat feces is larger, usually cylindrical and rounded at the edges, though roof rat fecal matter may be pointed at the ends and curved, larger versions of mouse droppings, which are the size and shape of grains of rice.
  • Rats ignore new things in their territory. A newly set trap or bait will not tempt a rat, but a well-placed trap or bait will arouse a mouse's curiosity.

Mice Attraction Deterrents

Your Midland home is an excellent source of food and shelter for any rodent. Follow these directions to deter rodent entry incentives.

  • Food Sealing Seal all your food, including seeds and pet food, in an airtight container high off the ground. Rodent's acutely developed olfactory senses exceed human ranges of perception, so even the smallest morsel can attract and unwanted visitor.
  • House Cleaning Rumors and myths about home sanitation circulate, so don't believe them. A filthy or cluttered home doesn't necessarily attract mice, but a regular sanitation program will deter them from exploration and discourage them from taking risks. Consider purchasing an automatic vacuum cleaner and running it at night.
  • Yard Upkeep Pick up fallen leaves, branches, and fruit, and trim short all vegetation within three feet of the house perimeter. Trim tree limbs at least five feet away from the roof, and cut back bushes and shrubbery at least one foot from the house siding. These steps will decrease harborages and remove attractants.
  • Reduce Water Supply Mice nest near leaky water pipes or wet drains. Wet or moist attics, crawl spaces, or pantries will attract insects that mice eat and can collect water. Some mice pups are known to drink standing water. All mice build nests in a safe place near food and water and do what they can to reduce their need for long-distance travel each night.

Control Mice: Get Rid of Mice Entry Points

Mice cartilage and unique skeletal structure allow them to squeeze into spaces as small as 1/4 inch thick, which is smaller than the diameter of a dime. Despite the difficulty of finding and sealing all entry points, these tips will target all of the usual pest problems posed by modern residential construction. Use steel wool, silicone caulk, copper mesh, and 1/4 inch (or smaller) steel screens to seal the following areas:

  • Gaps in exterior walls and siding, particularly those within one foot of the ground
  • Gaps in the home foundation and sill plates, around ground-level or basement windows, and all exterior doors
  • Cover window wells with rebar fencing and cover the holes with the metal screening, mentioned above.
  • Garage doors and shed doors, especially if they contain seeds or pet food. Keep these doors in good repair

Eradicate Mice the Fox Pest Control Way

Some homeowners set traps such as snap traps or mouse traps with peanut butter, live traps, rodent baits, bait stations, mouse bait, and glue boards. Never try to trap a rodent without professional involvement, as this could result in a bite or spread disease, mites, ticks, or fleas. When removing a dead mouse, always wear gloves, place the mouse in a sealed plastic bag, sanitize the area, dispose of it properly in a dumpster, and be sure to thoroughly clean all other objects that have come in contact with it.

Our Pest Professional Technicians are trained and ready to help you eradicate rodent control problems around your home. Call today for a free estimate for a home protection plan. Restore your peace of mind with Fox Pest Control. Pests ... it's what we do.

Posted on December 13, 2019.


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